Yoda´s Playlist

Yoda´s Playlist

XA-Speakers Tapes have 1,232 AA and other 12-Step related MP3 recordings.

XA – Speaker Tape Category


AA Primary Purpose Speaker Tapes

All AA speaker tapes are now in MP3 format. Thy can be played with Windows Media Player, I-Tunes, or the software of your choice.

Includes AA Cofounders and other AA Pioneers

  • Pioneers –
  • 12 Steps –
  • 12 Traditions –
  • 12 Concepts –
  • Sponsorship –
  • Passing It On


Miami Valley AA Al-anon Winter Conferences 1999 through 2006


Caution there are many sites on the Internet who charge for 12-Step recordings – why pay when you can download recordings for free.

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