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Reconstructing the alcoholic family.

World view change in co-dependents, Adult Children of Alcoholics/Al-Anon self-help groups.

We examined the processes through which 20 committed members (aged 29-52 yrs) of self-help groups for adult children of alcoholics experience alterations in their perceptions of family of origin.

Results suggest that world view transformation in the family of origin domain involves;

  1. learning to define the family as pathological,
  2. assigning responsibility for this pathology to a disease,
  3. forgiving oneself,
  4. accepting that one was adversely affected by the family’s problem, and
  5. ultimately learning to accept one’s parents’ shortcomings.
Humphreys, Keith. World view change in Adult Children of Alcoholics/Al-Anon self-help groups: Reconstructing the alcoholic family. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. Vol 46(2), Apr 1996, 255-263.

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