Like addiction recovery there is no magic pill to sexual recovery.

Some people may find themselves sexually abstinent in recovery from alcoholism or co-dependency. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence because the owner watered, fertilised and looked after it.

How to break the no-sex rut and why it matters.

There are many reasons why people in long-term relationships find themselves reaching for the pillow or the remote control instead of their partner’s body after the sun goes down.

Here are 6 processes to a better sex life with your partner as discussed at Web MD;

  • Problem No. 1: Same Old, Same Old
  • The Solution: Spice It Up
  • Problem No. 2: Too Much to Do, Too Tired
    • The Solution: Take a Romantic Break
  • Problem No. 3: ‘Who Are You?’
    • The Solution: Rediscover Each Other — Without Pressure
  • Problem No. 4: You Don’t Like Your Body
    • The Solution: Focus on What You Do Like
  • Problem No. 5: Sex Hurts
    • The Solution: Don’t Suffer in Silence
  • Consult your doctor if sex is painful.
    • Problem No. 6: You’re Still Not in the Mood
  • The Solution: Find the Trigger
  • If you try everything and your sexual problems persist, check with a doctor and/or a therapist.

    Go to online guidance at Get in the Mood.

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