People in 12 Step recovery can aim at these ideals.

For the most part, we just try to think and act like decent human beings concerned for the wellbeing of our fellows.

We can;-

  • become patient with ourselves and others.
  • be kind even towards people who are nasty towards us.
  • be generous with our time and resources.
  • be humble about any success, giving our Higher Power and our sponsors the credit.
  • be courteous to everybody and especially to family members who get on our nerves.
  • challenge the demon of selfishness every day.
  • watch our disposition like a hawk, mindful of the damage a single outburst of bad temper can cause.
  • avoid guile like the plague, never deceiving or misleading others for our own advantage.
  • be sincere in everything we do and very grateful to be rid of the false beliefs of our drinking past.

The good news about the nine ingredients of being in recovery is that we can easily understand them and choose to practice them whenever we are ready. Not a great deal of sacrifice or effort is required.

Source; I have lost the source of this so if anyone can update me please send it in the comments section.

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