The Small Waterfall in The Small Gathering

The spirit of AA flows from one member to another

  • It cannot be touched, nor can it be completely understood,
  • It is as wide as the world,
  • Yet it is small enough to fit inside the mind of man,
  • It has brought light to where only darkness dwelt
  • It has given Hope” to those who yearned in despair
  • It has nourished forgiveness in those who knew no pity
  • It has given strength to the weak and humility to the strong
  • It has given greatness to the common
  • It has spurred to higher goals those who once strove for nothing
  • It has been a home to the destitute
  • It has transformed sorrow into a weapon of happiness
  • It has given purpose to the trackless and shelter to the lost
  • It has taught patience to the hurried and action to the slothful
  • To the youth it has given Vision
  • To the aged it has given Promise
  • To the hopeless it has given Hope
  • To the restless it has given Rest
  • To the sick it has been a Doctor
  • To the dying, it has given a desire to Live
  • To those who have fallen, it has been a Helping hand
  • To the outcast it has been a Home
  • To the childless it has given Children
  • To the unwise it has given Wisdom
  • To the intolerant it has given Tolerance
  • It has no judgement against the Un-teachable
  • Yet, it has praise for those who Learn
  • For all those who embrace it. It has given to them the most precious gift of all “Sobriety”
  • It also given them another gift “The love for, truth” with more than enough left over to share with each other.

Author Unknown

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