Humility is acceptanceHumility – the most misunderstood virtue in the Fellowship of AA.

To many AA’s the humble invoke a picture of a plainly dressed self-deprecating person, admitting to the possession of no particular talent’ usually taking the last inconspicuous place and being a doormat for everyone.

This certainly is not a true picture of a humble person.

No, if you are looking for a person who has true humility in the Fellowship of AA, look for a person who is at ease with his Higher Power, his fellow alcoholic and himself. He does not try to ingratiate himself with the famous or wealthy. He has developed great tolerance, patience and under standing with the ignorant, the flighty and the irresponsible.

He is generous with his time and his talents and his material things. Why? Because he knows he must answer to his Higher Power for the use of the gifts entrusted to him and he must give an accounting… he is compassionate and patient toward the occasional “slipper,” for he is constantly aware of the fact that he has been given a measure of Grace.

He has found the miracle of joyous living in giving. In giving of himself without any hope of material reward, he has found the secret of a humble, yet happy life the more you give of yourself unselfishly in helping others your reward is peace of mind past describing. May all of us remember this peace of mind will only remain as long as we remain humbly aware of the real source of the priceless gift – the Higher Power.

Author unknown

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