KEY TO RECOVERY IS ACTION Action A Day At A Time. Action in the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Life for us in Alcoholics Anonymous can only be lived this wonderful, 24-hour way, but, for me it is a must in recovery.

I used to listen to members talking about “First things first” – “Daytime Compartments” – “Easy does it” – all wonderful verbal guides to contented and continued sobriety but it was not until I added another A to AA. That life became even liveable for me the extra A stood for Action.

In my early years in AA I was always going to try tomorrow. “I would take a drink right now because I was so ill but tomorrow I would try to stop drinking. It was no wonder I continued to drink each day becoming more difficult to face up to than the last – indecision – fear – physical and mental illness making it almost impossible for me to cope with life in any form – and then, the magic word ACTION’

A member once said at a meeting (God Bless Him’) “It doesn’t matter what we do in life it requires action even taking a drink of water means one must go from where one is to reach the tap, then turn on the tap to get the water and only then can one drink,” This made sense to me and so began my life within the 24-hours side of the programme I was finally Active’

I began to put into practice small things, like “first things first” and for once, I was really doing something about my drinking “Just for today I will not have a drink” It became easier to leave the past where it belonged in the past only using it for my benefit and not for wallowing in self-pity when I thought back on my drinking times.

“Take it easy but take it” – this also applies to the 24-hour programme for now is the time for taking else how are we to give?

The AA Programme is the only programme that really provides a daily design for living’ neatly packaged into the I2 Steps and a suggested daily plan for Action in the words that make up our “Just for today” card. We really only have one day to live at a time – yesterday has gone – tomorrow is not here but this 24-hours, minute by minute is ours to help in ours to live in anybody can do anything for one day and this I know to be true,

If we live the 24-hour program as it was meant to be lived, we must enrich our lives and the lives of others – I know I will not have a drink today – and when tomorrow comes I will live it as I have today – a little at a time and I will keep it within a “daytime compartment” and always be grateful to AA and its members for this wonderful way of life.

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