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Recently I published an article about Children of Hoarders an issue I was unaware of until I accidentaly stumbled upon their website.

There was a large response to this article. It seems there are similarities between Children of Hoarders and Children of Alcoholism (ACOA).

It highlighted my need to become aware of other groups of children with similar problems.

Are there other similar ‘children of ……….’ conditions?

Does the same pattern of psychological illness appear in these children of ……..?

Do some of these children become codependent?

Some that I can think of are children of …;

  • Drug addicts
  • Compulsive gamblers
  • Mental health sufferers
  • Sex addicts
  • Workaholics
  • Religious sects

I’m particularly interested in self-help, mutual-help type groups or organisations as well as the symptoms and recovery methods.

If you know of any please let me know using the comments section.

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