Sexual addiction abstinence is not necessarily celibacy.

In order for addiction recovery to take place, there must be a bottom line definition of sobriety. For the alcoholic, sobriety is easily defined -alcoholics and drug addicts define sobriety as the amount of time they have abstained from the use of alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals. The time away from the use of these substances is the recovering person’s sobriety time; the date that sobriety began or the day of entry into a Twelve Step program is used as a sobriety date.

For the recovering sexual addict, however, sobriety can be more challenging to define. Unlike sobriety from the use of substances, sexual sobriety is rarely considered to be complete abstinence from sex, although at times recovering persons may use complete sexual abstinence (celibacy) for periods of time.

More at; Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

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