Sobriety and What It Means To Me

Today sobriety means freedom from fear. Freedom to look other people in the face and to have back my self-respect to feel that I am, no longer someone to be looked down upon as a no hoper or at best to be pitied as a poor helpless so and so. Freedom from those hellish-morning-after feelings, when I thought the night would never end and when it did, I dreaded to face another day.

Today, all over the world alcoholics are facing the problems of compulsive drinking and wondering where it will all end. All too often it ends up in jail cells, hospitals, mental homes, parks or as so often happens in death either by our own hands or by the continued use of alcohol, which to us is a poison. A grim prospect but all too true as many of us in AA know all too well

I am, humbly grateful to AA for the chance of recovery from the life I once led. That is all AA claims to do. It gives us a chance to lead a sober life. It cannot and does not try to solve our financial problems or domestic problems.

With the Twelve Steps of AA, the fellowship at meetings and the desire to do something positive about our drinking, honesty and humility on our part we can lead a contented sober life’ just one day at a time. We can if not solving all our problems, at least learn to accept them as they come without depending on the bottle.

To all those who have a drinking problem may you find in AA -the help and understanding that I did.

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