It is sometimes said that humility is the most elusive virtue for to be truly humble one must be unaware of being so.

Alcoholics, addicts and co-dependents work the 12 Steps so as to eliminate negative traits. Recovering humility is perhaps at the core of this journey.

In his autobiography’ Benjamin Franklin shows the elusiveness of-this virtue. He tells of writing down a list of moral qualities he desired to possess and of examining his conduct daily to see if he was succeeding in his expression of them He was told by a Quaker friend that he lacked humility, so he added it to his list.

But Franklin never felt that he acquired the reality of this virtue. He found pride hard to put down and he came to the conclusion that if he could conceive of over coming it he would probably be proud of his humility.

Pride is the opposite of humility and is the chief obstacle to one’s expressing true humility as Benjamin Franklin’s exposition of it shows.

Pride is so inherent in the carnal mind that mortals are likely to feel ashamed if they have nothing to be proud of. But often it has been this very lack that has been effectual in bringing to light the capacities of spirit which man reflects effortlessly.

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