Allow me to introduce my self I am your disease, your addiction.

I hate meetings; I hate your Higher Power,

And I hate anyone who finds peace through any 12-step program.

To all who come in contact with me?

I wish you loneliness, suffering, despair and finally, death.

I am cunning baffling and powerful.

I have killed millions and

I love catching you when you least expect it and take you by surprise.

I love pretending,

I am your friend and lover,

I love confusing all those who come in contact with me.

To further confuse you, for a short time,

I comforted you when you were lonely. Later, after I took control of your thoughts,

I kept telling you, that you were no good and that you would never be any good.

To ensure your devotion, I kept building you up, only to let you down.

I love making you feel sorry for your self.

For a short time, I allowed you to feel good, later when things started going wrong,

I taught you to believe. ” I don’t deserve anything good any way.

I taught you to mistrust yourself and others.

I love it when you go numb and can neither laugh nor cry and if things ever went right,

I would make sure it never lasted.

Fools that you are, you don’t take me seriously enough.

You take strokes, heart attacks and diabetes seriously,

Yet you constantly fail to see me for what I am. .

A disease that will remove all that you hold dear.

Family, friends, self-respect and finally your life.

More than you hate me, I hate your 12-step programs.

I hate your meetings and

I hate your higher power.

When they give you peace, they weaken my hold on you,

But I am patient; I lie in wait for you to again call on me to comfort you.

If you live through the 12 step programs, I can’t exist, but if I live, you can’t exist.

So patiently I wait for you, to again ask me to return,

And wait for you to turn your life over to me once more.

Author Unknown

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