Medication addiction

Prescription medications can sneak up on you and lead to addiction.

Many celebrities have recently fallen victim to prescription medication addiction and/or overdose.

But its not just celebrities that need to be cautious its everyone who takes mood changing, psychoactive or pain medications. Every day medicines hold a punch that may be life changing, life changes you may not normally choose.

A drug addict used to be someone who bought illegal fixes from a shady character in a back alley. But with more and more people admitting addiction to prescription drugs, your ’dealer’ can be the person you least expect to harm your health – your GP or chemist.

Many doctors agree that powerful tranquillisers, sleeping pills and painkillers are addictive, and that the body craves more as its tolerance to them increases.

Some of the ingredients in painkillers, particularly codeine, may relax you and make you feel better. So if you’re already feeling a bit low it’s quite easy to get hooked.

Not at risk? – Think Again

  • Are you still taking painkillers even though your symptoms have cleared up?
  • Are you taking more and more painkillers to achieve the same pain relief?
  • Is the period of time you go between doses becoming shorter?
  • Are you repeatedly taking any prescribed drug without feeling any benefit?

If you answer yes to any of the above, your body may be developing atolerance to the drugs and you may be addicted. See your doctor or a specialist addictions therapist, but don’t stop taking your medication without medical advice.

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