The mystery of nature Many people in early recovery from addiction, alcoholism, gambling and co-dependency are challenged by philosophical questions such as posed here.

My life is… a mystery which I do not attempt to understand, as though I were led by the hand in a night where I see nothing, but can fully depend on the Love and Protection of Him Who guides me.     – Thomas Merton –

When I laugh, God laughs.  When I weep, God weeps.  When I need, God says, “Yes.”

I have come to know that there are many different ways to express spirituality and  know that the Universe is showing me my way.  Spirituality is not defined only as religion.  Spirituality is the yearning of the heart toward something larger than ourselves and the desire to leap the chasm that divides us from the infinite to the eternal.

For some, spiritual expression is a shout of gratitude and praise.  For others, it is a journey through a desert, darkness or frozen tundra.  For still others, it is a search that happens unconsciously, without their really being aware of it.  As I continue to grow personally, my progress depends on a spiritual life lived each day and must be true to my own spirituality.  I must trust it, not matter how difficult the journey.  Nothing is too great for the Universe’s unconditional love – not addiction, not fear nor unwillingness.  One’s happiness matters to the Universe who loves us and leads through life.

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