Once developed minfulness can be done anywhereThe Benefits of Mindfulness

People in recovery using the 12 Step program have already begun using mindfulness as a tool to concentrate on one-day-at-a-time, one-thing-at-a-time. Mindfulness is the skill we use to admit powerlessness, to drop the denial and become fully aware of the truth about ourselves. If mindfulness is developed to a practical level all parts of the 12 Step program become more meaningful.

Mindfulness is nothing new. It’s just that more and more people in recovery are developing the practice to improve sobriety.

Mindfulness is a state of deliberate and conscious awareness directed toward the present moment. The practice is incredibly simple on paper, but with diligent practice can reap many, many benefits.

A great entry level exercise to mindfulness is the 100 Breaths Meditation. It teaches you how to use your breathing as an object of focus, by deliberately directing your awareness toward the motions of your breath. The goal is to remain fixated on your breath, while ignoring distractions and any other outside stimuli. Often the stronger and more focused your awareness becomes, the more you enter into a state of relaxation, bliss, and insight.

The purpose of this article is to put together a list of all the ways mindfulness has been scientifically shown to improve our physical and mental health. It is a complete list of all the benefits I know that come from mindfulness. And to be honest, if this doesn’t convince you to start developing a mindfulness practice of your own, I don’t know what will.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Research into mindfulness has really picked up over the past few decades. Here are some of the benefits we are just beginning to discover:

  1. Improving Attention
  2. Improving Cognition (thinking)
  3. Managing Stress and Anxiety
  4. Improving Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  5. Reducing Pain
  6. Overcoming Depression
  7. Overcoming Fears of Death
  8. Changing Bad Habits
  9. Changing Brain Structure

These are just about all of the main benefits I know of that are associated with mindfulness, but I’m sure there are countless others. Mindfulness can be such a fundamental skill to living that it truthfully affects just about all areas of our life.

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