Most alcoholics, addicts, gamblers and co-dependents know the frustration of repetitive failure to reach their recovery goals.

Consider one man who lived through various setbacks in life over 30 years:

  • Failed in business in 1831
  • Defeated for the legislature in 1832
  • Again failed in business in 1834
  • Sweetheart died in 1835
  • Had a nervous breakdown in 1836
  • Defeated in election in 1838
  • Defeated for Congress in 1843
  • Defeated for Congress in 1846
  • Defeated for Congress in 1848
  • Defeated for Senate in 1855
  • Defeated for Vice President in 1856
  • Defeated for Senate in 1858
  • Elected President in 1860.

The man was Abraham Lincoln.

His key attitude was repetitive attempts to succeed.


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