Demi Moore

Demi Moore

This is a wonderful video about Self Injury from Face The Issue narrated by Demi Moore.

The following is a quote from a self injurer who trying to find freedom from their addiction.

I really sorta want to start cutting again.
the urges have come back…
i mean, i dont particularly enjoy passing out or being that weir lightheaded feeling,
and lord knows i dont need more scars,
but lately ive just really wanted to start cutting again,
and since i have refained from cutting i end up hurting myself in other ways, like almost breaking bones,
or when i have them, losing myself in an opiate fog and taking half a bottle of pills.
really, whats worse?
the drug or the cuts?
the cuts will heal in a week but the drugs just get worse and worse, and that lovely black pit is just becoming much more and more appealing.
nothing, feeling nothing sounds so great.
just not feeling.
why do i want to cut?
its just one more thing that wll hurt….
it makes no sense.
im just tearing myself apart.
for what reason?
i just dont even know.
why shouldn’t i cut?
how much worse off would i be???
what am i doing?
i just need to talk to someone.
i am just lost.

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