Sexual heaven starts with a kiss. Sexual Heaven is waiting

Sex relieves tension – love causes it. ~Woody Allen

Many people coming into recovery find a need for reclaiming their sexuality and rebuilding sexual relations with a partner. This simple seven step plan may help.

Does your love life have all the excitement of a wet noodle? Have you forgotten what it’s like to tingle when you kiss? Do you and your partner feel, at the end of the work day, like you’re just too tired to make love — or even cuddle? If so, then clear your mind of all the well-worn notions of what it takes to got yourself In the mood, as they say, and be prepared to follow these simple — yet specific — steps towards a more fulfilling and passionate sex life.

That’s right — no classical music, no wine and roses, no toe-nibbling or ear-blowing. This is a seven-week regimen of graduated sensual exercises which, when followed, has been proven to improve the romantic lives of thousands of couples.

In the 36 years since I’ve been teaching them, I’ve witnessed the resurrection of thousands of relationships from growing old and stale — gracefully,

Before I get into specifics, I’d like to point out that the reason most couples find it difficult to combine love and sex is that the feeling of great sex — which is initially so exhilarating — becomes frightening as individuals fear losing themselves In the other person. ( more…)

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