Test Yourself

  • Have you ever thought you needed help for your sexual thinking or behavior?
  • That you’d be better off if you didn’t keep “giving in”?
  • That sex or stimuli are controlling you?
  • Have you ever tried to stop or limit doing what you felt was wrong in your sexual behavior?
  • Do you resort to sex to escape, relieve anxiety, or because you can’t cope?
  • Do you feel guilt, remorse or depression afterward?
  • Has your pursuit of sex become more compulsive?
  • Does it interfere with relations with your spouse?
  • Do you have to resort to images or memories during sex?
  • Does an irresistible impulse arise when the other party makes the overtures or sex is offered?
  • Do you keep going from one “relationship” or lover to another?
  • Do you feel the “right relationship” would help you stop lusting, masturbating, or being so promiscuous?
  • Do you have a destructive need — a desperate sexual or emotional need for someone?
  • Does pursuit of sex make you careless for yourself or the welfare of your family or others?
  • Has your effectiveness or concentration decreased as sex has become more compulsive?
  • Do you lose time from work for it?
  • Do you turn to a lower environment when pursuing sex?
  • Do you want to get away from the sex partner as soon as possible after the act?
  • Although your spouse is sexually compatible, do you still masturbate or have sex with others?
  • Have you ever been arrested for a sex-related offense?

If you answered Yes to several of these questions you may have a need to investigate one of the fellowships listed below.

If you know someone who can answer affirmatively to several of these please direct them to the organizations below.

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Other Sexaholic 12-Step Programs

For family, partners and friends.

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