Evaluation of Sexual Functions in Turkish Alcohol-Dependent Males

Male alcoholics and men in recovery may suffer the effects of drinking and smoking.

A study in 2008 was conducted to evaluate sexual functions of alcoholic men.

The study found that;

  • 47% of alcohol-dependent men had their first sexual experience before they were 18 years old,
  • 64.4% had multiple partners,
  • 1.7% experienced a sexually transmitted disease,
  • 7.7% had a chronic disease, and
  • 18.3% had pain during intercourse.
  • 70.3% of participants had a mild erectile dysfunction, and
  • 4.4% had a moderate erectile dysfunction.

Predictors of erectile dysfunction in chronic alcohol dependent male were determined as;

  • age of subject,
  • age of onset for alcohol use,
  • duration of alcoholism, and
  • cigarette use.

Chronic alcoholism affects sexual functions in men. Sexual dysfunction in alcohol addicted males is related with education level and unemployment and starting alcohol consumption at an early age and long-term cigarette smoking.

Melike D & Ümran Yiltepe Oskay. Article first published online: 8 NOV 2010, The Journal of Sexual Medicine


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