Grapevine Since the first Alcoholics Anonymous Grapevine was published in June 1944 it has always included information and articles about sponsorship — one of the first forms of AA service.

In 1947, Bill W. wrote, “More and more groups are adopting the idea of ‘sponsorship.’ Each newcomer is assigned a reasonably stable AA member whose ward he becomes during this brief period of introduction to our way of life.”

In those days, most AAs came into the Fellowship through hospitals of one kind or another. And as the Fellowship grew, so did the role of the sponsor.

Download these stories and to read how one sponsor is serious about working the Twelve Steps, as well as the rewards along the sponsorship trail:

  • Don’t Sell the Newcomer Short
  • How It Looks to a Sponsor
  • How alcoholics work with each other:
  • Resources for Working with Wet Drunks
  • Also browse the topic: “Tools of Sobriety.”

You might also want to check out AA’s pamphlet: Questions and Answers on Sponsorship

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