To be humble is to be balanced in our opinion of ourselves.

Humility does not swagger with false pride nor grovel in self-depreciation. Humility is accepting the truth about ourselves.

The good news for co-dependents and adult children of alcoholics / addicts is that we are blessed with many fine qualities that we have negated. We need to stand tall and be grateful for these gifts. “Thank you” should become a part of our emotional vocabulary.

False pride is often a stance taken to cover up terrible feelings of inadequacy.

But the truth is we have our own unique worth.

Today I will accept my good qualities and acknowledge my defects. I have the courage to change my behavior and the wisdom to change my false beliefs.

From the book; Gentle Reminders – Daily Affirmations for Co-dependents” by Mitzi Chandler.

Gentle Reminders for Co-Dependents: Daily Affirmations by Mitzi Chandler

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