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Recovery Is

Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Sex Addiction – Recovery Is Sexier —- Well it is! – It's sexier than drunk or stoned, no more droopy . . . . .

  • Addicted lawyers can overcome barriers to recovery

    Robert started drinking at age 18 and was an alcoholic by the time he entered law school. “I managed to get my degree and go to work for a Wall Street firm. After that I changed jobs every two years or less. I just couldn’t hang on to one. Nobody ever mentioned drinking to me. …∞

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    Help for attorney addicts

    Hazelden lines up new help for attorney addicts The program, likely the state’s first, targets a high-pressure career often fueled by drugs and alcohol. Hidden under the high-pressure, high-stakes life of a lawyer can be the need for a debilitating crutch. When Chuck Rice was a corporate defense lawyer, it was alcohol and cocaine. It’s a …∞

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