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Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Sex Addiction – Recovery Is Sexier —- Well it is! – It's sexier than drunk or stoned, no more droopy . . . . .

  • Resolve To Be Thyself

    Resolve to be thyself; and know that who finds himself, loses his misery. –Matthew Arnold In recovery from alcoholism, addiction and ACOA our need for approval compels us to try to look good – no matter what’s going on. We imagine that somehow everything will be okay as long as it looks okay. Our hearts …∞

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    15 Year old Alcoholic in AA

    Alcoholic Teenaged girl I had my first drink at the age of six. Being the only girl out of three and being the youngest child, I could get my way. I now believe I was an alcoholic from the first drink.

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