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Recovery Is

Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Sex Addiction – Recovery Is Sexier —- Well it is! – It's sexier than drunk or stoned, no more droopy . . . . .

  • Chemical Dependency and the Family

      Everything You Need to Know about Chemical Dependence: Vernon Johnson’s Complete Guide for Families Alcohol Heroin Amphetamines Tobacco Inhalants Cocaine Marijuana Medications By Vernon E. Johnson, D.D., founder of the Johnson Institute. Former faculty member of Rutgers University Summer School for Alcohol Studies Dr. Johnson compiled the most popular Johnson Institute literature on chemical …∞

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    Relapse Prevention

    Relapse is not total failure; its only a stage Failure rates to comply with treatment for alcoholism do not differ significantly from other chronic diseases. People with disease such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension frequently fail to comply with treatment. (Lewis 2002) Relapse can range from a return to chronic heavy drinking to binge drinking, …∞

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    Hepatitis A, B and C

    Hepatitis A, B and C diseases; Descriptions, transmission, prevention and treatment.   From; The Hepatitis C Council of NSW Inc is a community-based, non-government organisation, funded by the Australian NSW Health Dept. – Related Reading:

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