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Recovery Is

Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Sex Addiction – Recovery Is Sexier —- Well it is! – It's sexier than drunk or stoned, no more droopy . . . . .

  • MP3 Recovery Tracks for Lesbians in AA

    MP3 recovery tracks for lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous at XA Speaker site. Click on the link to go to a description of the track. Or see link at bottom for XA Speaker home page. barry-l-gaylesbconv8532.mp3 David-c-wearefamily2002.mp3 Christopher-s-soberandfree2002.mp3 brain-m-soberandfree2002.mp3 blanche-b-texasroundup1987.mp3 roz-b-rcr98.mp3 paige-f-rcr98.mp3 mary-r-rcr1999.mp3 fr-leo-b-rcr95.mp3 sue-c-soberandfree2002.mp3 grady-o-livingsober1997.mp3 edie-c-livingsober1990.mp3 francis-c-livingsober1993.mp3 michael-b-liveandletlive1991.mp3 XA Speaker Recovery tapes at; XA Speakers …∞

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