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Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency, Gambling, Sex Addiction – Recovery Is Sexier —- Well it is! – It's sexier than drunk or stoned, no more droopy . . . . .

  • Review of the book ’Alcoholics Anonymous’

    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: The story of how more than one hundred men have recovered from alcoholism. 400 pp. New York Works Publishing Co., 1939, $3.50. The psychological aspect of alcoholism taxes the entire skill and intuition of the therapist, and the authors of this book claim that in the long run the ex-alcoholic patient who is …∞

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    Vibrator use is OK, Improves Sexual Health

    Not only is vibrator use common, but the two studies also show that vibrator use is associated with more positive sexual function and being more proactive in caring for one’s sexual health.

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    12 Bad Habits of Therapists

    Psychotherapy is a unique relationship, a kind of connection that is unlike any other kind of relationship a person has in their life. In some ways, it can be more intimate than our most intimate relationships, but it also paradoxically values a vestige of professional distance between therapist and client. Therapists, alas, are just as …∞

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    Your First AA Meeting

    Practically nobody looks forward to going to their first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. In most cases this is an occasion of extreme shame, dread and despair. The majority of individuals going to AA for the first time are doing so reluctantly, either because they have promised someone else to go or because they have been directed …∞

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