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  • I drank to be witty – and I became a boor.
  • I drank to relax – and I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.
  • I drank to feel good – and I suffered through sickening hangovers.
  • I drank to be happy – and it made me depressed.
  • I drank to be a good dancer – and it made me a stranger.
  • I drank to be a good conversationalist – and I couldn’t pronounce the words.
  • I drank to be sociable – and I became angry and resentful.
  • I drank to help my appetite – and cheated my body of nutrition by not eating right.
  • I drank to be a good lover – and I couldn’t perform.
  • I drank to show I was a man – and became a slobbering, bawling baby.
  • I drank to be popular – and lost my friends.
  • I drank to enjoy life – and contemplated suicide.
  • I drank for camaraderie – and drove everyone away from me.
  • I drank to escape – and built a prison for myself.
  • I drank to find peace – and I found hell.

— Anonymous

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