Black and yellow butterfly on green plant uid 1174853Defining WILL for Recovery

Will power, will and higher power are terms discussed in 12-Step programs of recovery. I for one did not understand the differences between the various attitudes and actions I adopted. Then I came across something similar to the following and I was able to tell the difference between them – at least in theory.

I took such a list to my sponsor and have been discussing these ever since.

Counter will

  • Opposition to ‘other’ will (other being spiritual guidance, another person, parent, boss or what one ‘must’ do)
  • Child will (As when a child defies its parental guidance)
  • Rebellion

Positive will

  • Willing what one ‘must’ do
  • Disciplined will
  • Parental will

Creative will

  • Willing what one ‘wants’ rather than what one needs
  • Passionate will

Higher will

  • Spiritual will

Self will

  • Non-spiritual will
  • Not asking for a second opinion from another power (Higher Power, God)
  • ‘Wilfulness’

Will power

  • The ability to will
  • The capacity to choose the most appropriate will to carry out
  • The ability to action or carry out ones will
  • Putting the chosen will into ones life

Free will

  • The ability or capacity to have choice over will
  • Individuality

All persons have will and willpower and can have a Higher Power

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