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Women’s Erogenous zones

A ladies erogenous zones are areas with nerve endings that increase the sensitivity and their stimulation results in sexual response. The aim of exploring the female erogenous areas is to prepare the woman for sexual intercourse by increasing her level of arousal in order to enjoy the act and potentially reach an orgasm.

The erogenous zones are different from woman to woman and it is also likely that the stimulation of the erogenous areas that some women find pleasant and exciting may be impossible to bear for others.

Thus; To enhance a positive experience with a partner, or to avoid a negative experience, effective two-way communication is necessary.

Erogenous zones include the sides and back of the neck, the inner arms, the armpits and sides of the chest. An exaggerated tickle and anticipatory response are responsible for the heightened sensual response.

More specific zones produce stronger sensation than the above. Specific zones include areas of the genitals, notably the clitoris, vulva and anus, lips, and nipples.

Pubic Area

The clitoris is an erogenous zone on a woman and has the densest concentration of nerve endings of any part of the skin.

Located past the clitoris, just above and on either side of the urine opening, is sensitive erectile tissue known as the Skene’s gland, or the U-Spot.

Within the upper, interior of the vaginal canal, there is a patch of ribbed rough tissue which has a texture that is described as similar to the palate (the roof of a mouth) or a raspberry, and may feel spongy when a woman is sexually aroused. This is the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot.

At the deepest point on the front wall of the vagina, is the A-Spot. It is described as having a wrinkly texture similar to the tip of the nose.

The A-spot or second G-spot is a female erogenous zone that when stimulated can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal, sometimes without any other form of stimulation, with continued stimulation resulting in an intense orgasm.


A kiss is the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body parts of another.

Kissing is a physical expression of affection, stimulation or love between two people, in which the sensations of touch, taste, and smell are involved. According to psychologist

A French kiss is a kiss, usually romantic or sexual, in which one participant’s tongue touches the other’s tongue and usually enters his or her mouth.


The neck and collarbone area is a very sensitive region in both males and females. Licking, kissing or caressing in this area is sexually arousing to many people. Additionally, the back of the neck is very sensitive to arousal by light caressing.

Some people also like being bitten gently in these areas, often to the point that a “hickey”, or “love-bite” is formed. A hickey is a bruise caused by intense kissing and sucking of the skin wherein all the blood from broken blood vessels has been pulled to the surface, causing a purple- or red-colored spot to appear.


Licking earlobes is arousing to many people. Also, licking, whispering or breathing softly in one’s ear can also be very pleasurable.

Breasts / Chest

The entire breast has a network of nerve endings, and they have the same number of nerve endings no matter how large they are. Accordingly, smaller breasts are more sensitive while larger breasts can be stimulated (e.g. fondled, bitten, sucked) more forcefully. Intense stimulation of a woman’s nipples may result in a surge in the production of oxytocin and prolactin which could have a significant effect on her genitals.

Having the chest, breasts and nipples stimulated manually (hands), digitally (fingers, toes) and/or orally (mouth, lips, teeth, tongue) is a pleasurable experience enjoyed by many females.


Many women find stimulation (kissing, biting, scratching, tickling, caressing) of the abdomen to be pleasurable, especially close to the pubic region. It can cause strong arousal in women, in some even stronger than stimulation of the genitals. For some women, the navel is an especially arousing area, yet many other people find it too ticklish.


The skin of the arms, and specifically the softer skin of the inner arms and across the creased mid-arm bend covering the ventral side of the elbow, are highly sensitive to manual or tongue stimulation.

Light stroking with fingers or tongue, more vigorous kneading, and butterfly kissing can initiate arousal and, in some cases, induce clitoral/vaginal orgasm without direct contact with the latter areas.

The mid-arm bend is especially sensitive due to the thinner skin found there, which makes nerve endings more accessible.

Arm sensitivity may be reduced or concentrated to a more narrow range by excessive muscularity or obesity on the one hand, or transformed to uncomfortable tenderness by excessive thinness on the other.


Researchers have discovered that women adjust their menstrual cycles when exposed to the scent of a male underarm.

Some consider the armpits to be an erogenous zone.


The fingertips have many nerves and are responsive to very light touches, like the brushing of a tongue, light fingernail scratching or teeth stroking. The sides of the fingers are somewhat less sensitive and more ticklish.

Both light and firmer touches work well at the junction of the fingers. Human fingertips are the second-most sensitive parts of the body, after the tongue.

Feet and toes

Due to the concentration of nerve endings in the sole and toes of the human foot, the sensations produced by sucking or licking the feet can be pleasurable to some people.

Similarly, massaging the sole of the foot produces similar nervous stimulation. Many people are extremely ticklish in the foot area, especially on the bottom of the soles.


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